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「日本音楽」- x50 Icon Challenge♪

「日本音楽」- x50 Icon Challenge♪
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J M U S I C 5 0.

Welcome to jmusic50, an icon challenge community just for Japanese music, both JRock and JPop. This comm was inspired by musicon100, the only difference is that you only need to make 50 and only of Japanese music. Please follow the rules!

R U L E S.

» You must join in order to claim, you can choose to do 50 bands, musicians, PV, or genre. Please read the icon rules in post.
» When you are approved, you have 5 months to finish. If you need an extention, feel free to contact me: loves.anarchy[at]yahoo.com (chiqun).
» You must use the 20 themes below. The other 30 is free-for-all. All icons must be new and created by you.
» When posting your batches, please refer to this form. You can also make a banner with the size 300x50. Also, you need to have at least 5 new icons when posting each time.

» Failure to update within 2 months after your last batch (if any) will result in forfeit of claim.
» Check memories for past batches.
» Got questions/Can't do the claim anymore? Please email me or comment in the claims post. ^^b
» When you are done, please post in the Hall of Fame to recieve a banner! :]

R E Q U I R E D T H E M E S.

(Interpret at will)

1. Happy
2. Sad
3. Tears
4. Hope
5. Sexy
6. Funny
7. Faith
8. Death
9. Magical
10. Love
11. Thoughts
12. Silence
13. Freedom
14. Kiss
15. Cool
16. Hatred
17. Alone
18. Imagine
19. Passion
20. Truth

A F F I L I A T E S.

Want to be one? Please comment here.

Please promote!

L A Y O U T & C R E D I T S.

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Header by chiqun.
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